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We have specialised in online jewellery retail since 2003, selling wonderful ranges of both children’s and women’s jewellery. Our children’s ranges include Kit Heath, D for Diamonds, Little Diamonds, Scribble and Me to You, all beautifully packaged and delivered to your door. We are an authorised independent Kit Heath stockist, selling their ever popular sterling silver women’s contemporary and heritage ranges, again complimented by high quality branded packaging. Our marcasite and bridesmaid categories complete the wonderful selection of jewellery you can buy at Milton Gems.

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Christening jewellery

D for Diamond and Little Diamonds are the perfect gift for any occasion. Beautiful earring and pendant sets for fashion conscious flower girls and bridesmaids and more traditional christening gifts for babies and toddlers. All items are shipped in a lovely little gift box & gift card.

Our popular range of sterling silver and marcasite jewelry to add a touch of glamour. Rings, pendants, earrings, brooches and necklaces complimented by mother of pearl, onyx and crystal. Vintage and art nouveau styles as well as modern colourful pieces and at cheap prices that will make everyone’s purse smile!

The women’s range of silver jewellery embodies a passion for beautiful design, celebrating the natural beauty of silver. Sophisticated and bold designs, feminine and subtle, delicate and decorative – the result is timeless silver jewellry with universal appeal.

Marcasite Jewellery

One of our most popular ranges is marcasite.  It has to be said that a lot of people haven’t heard of this gemstone and even less own a piece of it but when shown, many admire it’s beauty.

It gained it’s popularity with regards to fashion, really, in Victorian times.  When Queen Victoria lost Prince Albert and went into mourning, the popular fashion in the UK and the empire, as it was, was black.  Black clothing, accessories and jewellery.  And one of the features that is remarkable about marcasite is its dark/black colouring.

Now-a-days it’s not just worn for mourning but as a piece of retro / vintage fashion.  It is extremely “sparkly” when light hits it and is certainly a statement.

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Celtic Jewellery

One of the oldest forms or art and fashion in this part of the world, these designs have been utilised for thousands of years.

What stands out mostly is the use of flowing lines; styles like the eternal knot is a great example of this and symbolises eternity with no beginning and no end.

Other designs are such as the Celtic cross (a stylised cross with a circle near the head) which is not only seen in jewellery but in statues, head stones and architecture all around the country.

Still popular these days, Celtic jewellery is often created in plain silver but also set with stones such as amethyst, blue topaz and “softer” colours.

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Christening Classics – christening gifts to treasure forever. D for Diamond and Little Diamonds adjustable Christening bangles and cross pendants in silver and 9ct gold. Each item of jewellery comes complete with attractive and appealing gift packaging to perfectly compliment the jewelery.

If you like the idea of beautiful amber jewellery then you may want to check out our sister site - Amber Zone. Beautiful amber pieces set in sterling silver for women and men.

Milton Gems is also home to a stylish collection of sterling silver jewellery full of new trends and enduring classics. Featuring exquisitely coloured stones, timeless mother of pearl, colourful beads and an array of beautiful gem set pieces. A vibrant and exciting collection that reflects trends straight from the catwalk.